Preparing Your Family For a Hurricane

In any kind of emergency especially one involving an approaching hurricane advance planning and preparation are the keys to
weathering the storm safely.

Work as a “family team” and construct your own Family Disaster Plan. Once the plan has been assembled, build the “Survival Kit” (described on this site) and rehearse your family preparedness plan. Make sure everyone in your family understands the plan completely and knows exactly what to do. Once you have completed the preparations, keep the document in a safe place where it will be easy to find during hurricane season.

The first step toward building your Family Disaster Plan is to consider what preparations can be done before hurricane season to alleviate stress once the season begins. Use this checklist to get your pre-hurricane season preparations underway:

Inventory information should include values for each insured item as well as date of purchase and serial number. Having the appropriate insurance will help you minimize your losses. Ask your insurance agent to review your current
policy. There are four types of property insurance on
the market today:

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: This type of insurance usually covers losses caused by wind, storm and broken water pipes. However, flooding is not covered. It may be a good time to review what your policy covers.

WIND AND HAIL INSURANCE: This type of insurance covers losses due to storm winds in coastal areas. It is an underwritten policy provided by insurance providers when it is not included in the basic homeowners policy.

FLOOD INSURANCE: This type of policy is underwritten by the National Flood Insurance Program. The policy is available to those communities that adopt and enforce flood plain management regulations.

RENTERS INSURANCE: Both property protection insurance and flood insurance for contents are available for those who live in rental units. Contact your insurance agent for details.

Important note: there may be a waiting period before your policy is activated. Contact your insurance agent for details.

Gather copies of your family’s important paperwork, and store them in a secure location that will be well within reach if you have to locate them quickly because of an approaching storm. Consider including copies of the following for each family member:
• Social Security Cards/Visas
• Passports
• Driver’s license
• Vehicle registration and proof of insurance
• Local map
• Wills, Deeds, Powers of Attorney
• Insurance policies (life, health, property)
• Medical and vaccination records, including medicine or food allergies and other specific health conditions
• Copies of prescription medicine labels
• Birth and marriage certificates
• Tax or other important business and personal records
• Emergency contact list and phone numbers
• Veterinary and vaccination records for pets