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Hurricane Emergency Terms

EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM: (EAS) A digital system designed to give emergency information and instructions from federal, state and local authorities. The system is interfaced with the cable television system as well as radio and television stations. When activated, it broadcasts the latest information on weather reports, road conditions, evacuations, shelter locations and re-entry information. EMERGENCY… Read More »Cyclone City

What are Differences in Hurricane Category Levels?

The Category levels of hurricanes are determined by the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale, from level 1 through 5, ith 5 being the most severe. WHAT IS THE SAFFIR-SIMPSON WIND SCALE To help reduce confusion about the impacts associated with the various hurricane categories as well as to provide a more scientifically defensible scale, the National Oceanic… Read More »Cyclone City

Preparing Your Family For a Hurricane

In any kind of emergency especially one involving an approaching hurricane advance planning and preparation are the keys to weathering the storm safely. Work as a “family team” and construct your own Family Disaster Plan. Once the plan has been assembled, build the “Survival Kit” (described on this site) and rehearse your family preparedness plan.… Read More »Cyclone City

Insurance Claims After Severe Storms

If there is damage to your home, contact your insurance company as soon as possible for an adjuster to come to your home and appraise the damage. Remember, in a disaster situation, someone may not come immediately. Try to be patient. Listed here are steps you can follow while you are waiting. These steps will… Read More »Cyclone City